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Bailey's Bulletin

The HMHS publishes a newsletter called Bailey's Bulletin. Issues released since September of 2009 are available for reading and downloading right here on the website.
Bailey's Bulletin - September 2009
Bailey's Bulletin - February 2010
Bailey's Bulletin - September 2010
Bailey's Bulletin - January 2011
Bailey's Bulletin - May 2011
Bailey's Bulletin - September 2011
Bailey's Bulletin - January 2012
Bailey's Bulletin - May 2012 and the May Insert
Bailey's Bulletin - September 2012
Bailey's Bulletin - January 2013
Bailey's Bulletin - September 2013
Bailey's Bulletin - January 2014
Bailey's Bulletin - May 2014
Bailey's Bulletin - September 2014
Bailey's Bulletin - January 2015
Bailey's Bulletin - May 2015
Bailey's Bulletin - September 2015
Bailey's Bulletin - January 2016
Bailey's Bulletin - May 2016
Bailey's Bulletin - October 2016
Bailey's Bulletin - January 2017
Bailey's Bulletin - May 2017
Bailey's Bulletin - October 2017
Bailey's Bulletin - February 2018

HMHS Book Publication

Since it's founding in 1996 the Society has been supportive of the publication and distribution of local historical material.

It Happened on the Mountain
This is a collection of articles originally written by the Rev. T. Melville Bailey for publication in the Mountain News between March 1988 and August 1990. It is now being published in booket form for the first time and released in January 2017. The cost is $10.00. This is a "must have" resource for the collector of Hamilton Mountain history. To view a poster related to this publication select It Happened on the Mountain. It may be ordered directly from the Society at

The first publication undertaken by the Society was entitled Mountain Memories. While billed as a pictorial history of Hamilton Mountain it is much more than just pictures. This volume, originally published in 2000, provides a lot of interesting detail about the original settlement and growth of the Mountain community. It is a book which helps those who live on the Mountain today appreciate more fully the character of the community of which they are a part. The initial printings sold out rather quickly and for a time it was not available. However, the HMHS has arranged for a further printing and we are pleased to make it available to our community once again. It is a valuable community resource. The price of "Mountain Memories" is $35.00. It may be ordered directly from the Society at

The HMHS has also published Our World's a Stage: The Summers Family Story which was written by Robert Williamson, a former President of the Society. A century ago, before the advent of radio and television, the popular place to go for live entertainment was the theatre. To beat the summer heat, Hamilton had the perfect answer. Every summer about 7o thousand people ascended the Wentworth Street Incline Railway to attend the open-sided, air-cooled theatre at the top of the escarpment. For eleven seasons George H. Summers Theatrical Enterprises Limited, operated this one-of-a-kind attraction. The author has used many never-before-seen photographs to illustrate what made this Summers' family showplace so popular. He explains what became of the family and the theatre that was once an important part not only of Hamilton's heritage but of the nation's theatrical heritage as well. In short, find out why there is a Summers Lane at Hamilton Place. For anyone who enjoys local nostalgia, this is a "must read". To purchase a copy of Our World's a Stage contact the Hamilton Mountain Heritage Society at

Chedoke, More Than a Sanatorium Chedoke, More Than a Sanatorium is a centennial publication (1906- 2006) by Hamilton Health Science. This 284 page anecdotal history is lavishly illustrated with many rare and outstanding photographs. It is written in a very entertaining style edited by Robert Williamson of the Hamilton Mountain Heritage Society. As the title suggests, the hospital survived by meeting the ever changing medical needs of the community. It is a fascinating story of medical adaptation. The cost is $35.00.

Other Available Heritage Publications

Barton on the Mountain
We still have some copies of this long out of print book written by Mabel Burkholder. These are available for $10.00 per copy.

Reproduction of a Barton Township map of 1875
The Society has acquired a limited number of an out of print reproduction of a map of Barton Township that they are making available at a charge of $10.00.

"Auchmar: The War Story" - DVD This DVD was produced under the auspices of the HMHS. It presents a truly unique story with original footage from the 1940s when Auchmar was a convalescent centre for Allied veterans. The cost is $15.00 and this video is only available from the HMHS.

"Peace Memorial School: The Rise, Fall and Memorial of Peace" - DVD
This DVD was produced, edited and narrated by Mike Denham. It will be of particular interest to those who have personal or family connections with Peace Memorial School. The cost is $15.00 and it is available through the HMHS.

"On the Mountain" - DVD
This is an independent project written and produced by Gary Kaulback with the encouragement of the HMHS. It is available at various locations in the community at a cost of $15.00. For additional information about purchasing this DVD you may contact the HMHS.

To order copies or to secure additional information about them publications send an e-mail to the HMHS at